DIY Outdoor Bar Ideen mit Weinfässern – #ideen #outdoor #weinfassern – #new

DIY Outdoor Bar Ideen mit Weinfässern – #ideen #outdoor #weinfassern – #new

Courtyard with plants design
If you have a sunny courtyard in the first place, climbing roses or the Virgin Vine (Parthenocissus inserta), which hardly forms any adhesive discs, can be raised by tendrils. In the semi-shade Clematis, Honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium) thrive, for example, and white colorful Actinidia (Actinidia kolomikta), in the shadow of the green honeysuckle (Lonicera henryi) and climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris) Always fit. Although the latter is a self-clamp, it can also be pulled on the scaffold.

Nevertheless, extreme lighting conditions are commonplace in courtyards. So that the joy of the newly won Summer seat remains, one should also select the other plants accordingly. Lavender and Rosemary as well as geraniums and cap baskets are suitable for sunny courtyards. For example, you can get blooming shade yards with hydrangeas, thimbles and fuchsias. Large fern fronds and funkien leaves in a semi-shady corners, great accents. Watch out: with too little sunlight, the Sparks lose their elegant blue-green shimmer. With mirrors, the abundance of flowers can be doubled and the courtyard optically enlarged-try it out!

Furniture and colourful accessories complete the design
Especially in shady refuges without lush blossoms, colored pillows, walls, furniture or accessories are welcome mood makers. Orange and red tones, together with other colours, create a warm and casual atmosphere. If you love the coolness of its shady courtyard, you can underline it with blue, light green, turquoise and white. Furniture made from natural raw materials such as Rattan or wood underline a courtyard in the Natural (country house)Flair, modern design furniture give the courtyard a fresh Look, while cast-iron elements and furniture match a romantic design.

Extra tips for the design
If you want to attract birds and insects to the courtyard, elements such as a bird feeder or an insect hotel can be welcome design elements.

In order to achieve a harmonious picture, you should make references to the building or to neighboring buildings: for example, small clinker frames, wooden elements or colored covers are suitable. If window or door arches of the House are reflected in the wayside borders or areas in the courtyard, the courtyard gives a harmonious overall picture of the “”garden room””.

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