Für beide Seiten der Veranda Gartenbetten … würde ein schönes visuelles auf die Stuck hinzufügen…

Für beide Seiten der Veranda Gartenbetten … würde ein schönes visuelles auf die Stuck hinzufügen …, #beide #gartenbetten #schones #seiten

If you have a small yard, the last thing you want is to stuff Him with a dining table for ten people. Instead of something like that, consider the options for something built-in or extendable. Likewise, you do not want a plant there that grows 30 meters high and completely conquers the space. Here Radford has cleverly worked with small, local plants to retain the feeling of freedom.

Falsl you have multifunctional areas, use the same Material to unify the spaces.
‘The small rooms need this connection,’ says Arthur, who designed this 17 x 7 Meter room for a family with small children. A certain play zone keeps the children close while the parents are having fun, and the continuous line of the floor covering unites all the zones.
Radford even goes further with the suggestion to use the same Material we used for all the other surfaces of the apartment. For one of his yard projects he used the same covering material as in the frontal entrance path. ‘A united space has been created that visually enlarged the courtyard,’ he said.

The more elements your farm has, the narrower it will be. Instead, try to use built-in Seating areas, integrate clean lines, avoid too much furniture and you are in control of the planting. ‘If something goes out of control in the backyard and conquers the small square, it’s always a plant that’s too happy.’, says Arthur.

Freda agrees: ‘Avoid the hodgepodge effect, she says. ‘Instead of having 20 small flower pots, grow only in 5 for a better impression through cleanliness. Take only two or three types of plants in a few colors – this will make the atmosphere look less messy and confusing.

To get as much as possible out of this 7 x 6 Meter wide backyard in Toronto, Arhitekt Erik Calhoun built high up Decks over the very high roots of a tree. He saved the large plants, to secure more recreation space. ‘The bushes or hedges would take a metre and people couldn’t move around here,’ he says.

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