MultiTec-Color Terrassensteine in Muschelkalk-nuanciert

MultiTec-Color Terrassensteine in Muschelkalk-nuanciert

A courtyard often has to be conquered as a garden space – perhaps because at first glance it seems too small, too shady or too sunny and hot. But it is still worthwhile to redesign it. In advance, you should think about what kind of courtyard should be. Would you like to have comfortable seats in the courtyard? Should there be a place for a small vegetable bed or a raised bed? Which plants should be planted above all? And: should the courtyard be rather lush or purist? All of these are factors that have an impact on the time and costs involved in implementing the design.

Ideas for the design
Sometimes you don’t have to put a lot of effort into redesigning or remodeling a courtyard. Even small pots, which you still have in the cellar, and plant with magic bells or sparkles, create small moments of happiness in the courtyard. Once the beginning has been made, the table and chairs will soon find their place, so that the courtyard will gradually become the favorite place of summer.

It can have a big effect, if you change the flooring for the patio. Wooden floorboards look terrace-like, concrete floor gives the courtyard a modern face. Green spaces are natural and relax the eye. Lamps and lights, which you use specifically, can work true miracles and visually enlarge the open air space and set atmospheric accents. Design professionals like to work with visual axes to guide the gaze of the beholder.

Advantage of a courtyard
A great advantage of the courtyard are its surrounding walls. They provide backing and comfort, so to speak. Especially when shrubs or climbing plants are greening the walls. In addition, the area is protected from strong winds in this way. If you are not sure how well the wall and plaster are in good shape, you should do without strong-growing, self-adhesive plants such as ivy or wild wine (Parthenocissus tricuspidata, parthenocissus quinquefolia) and install tendrils instead.

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